The Art Fair, 2011 (Draft Version)
HD Video installation with 3 channel audio, 20'15"

“The Art Fair” is a video installation with three different channels of audio. A video shot of an art fair is shown to three varying specialists in the fields of security, art, and psychology. Each specialist watches the same footage and gives his or her own distinct “reading” of the people walking by.

Profiling is a natural part of human nature and is based on personal, or occupational, experience. The Art Fair is not just a forum for buying and selling work, but also a stage on which to spectate and expose trends. People come, looking to see the next big thing and scrutinize the work. At the same time, there is an air of “Flâneurism” in the aisles of the art fair, where both the art and the person are on display. The video is shot in an inconspicuous manner so that individuals appear unselfconsciously in front of the camera as they walk down the runways of the fair. It is not always easy to match the voiceover with the individual being profiled, and the viewer begins to speculate and, in turn, starts to profile between the gaps and pauses in the narration. As the viewer scans the footage for “characters,” there is a contrast between the facile voyeuristic impulse of being influenced by someone else’s input, and the default internal profiling system of the voyeur.

Track 1- Psychologist ( 4'50" excerpt)

Track 2- The Gallerist (4'50" excerpt)

Track 3- The Security Specialist (4'50" excerpt)