Rebecca Loyche is a New York based conceptual artist working primarily in video, installation, sound and photography. Her interest lies in making work that questions and redefines our everyday perceptions. By producing psychological portraits of objects, events and people, she seeks to move beyond the concept of reality--to investigate truths. Her artwork has been shown internationally in galleries, museums and screenings, including Videonale, VISIO Florence, NYFA and with the Goethe Institute.

She has also curated and directed the art spaces MMX Open Art Venue, Co-Verlag and re:MMX in Berlin, Germany. She collaborates with her partner Jonathan Gröger Loyche under the name Co-Verlag.

She holds a MFA from Hunter College, NYC, BFA from Pratt Institute, NYC and received a Master Student degree “Meisterschüler “ studying with Candice Breitz at the Braunschweig School of Art, Germany in 2011. In 2010 she received a NYFA (New York Foundation for the Arts) fellowship for her photogram series “Minds/Mines Don’t Care”.

She is based in New York State.

Instagram~ #artyfarmylife

Written Work: WRITTEN


Artist Book- Verloren 2018

Artist Catalogue 2011