The Circadian Project in Trier, Germany 2011

Circadian offers the participant an otherworldly experience. Upon first entering the space, the visitor encounters a
light-filled white room. The Circadian rhythm is the biological process of the human body to naturally function on
a twenty-four-hour cycle. One of the strongest factors which alters this state is the abundance, or lack of, daylight.
The 10,000 lux of full spectrum light in the room enhances the effects of sitting outside on a sunny day. The
accompanying atmospheric soundscape is composed of several different audio layers of “white noise,” unidentified
audio recordings from the ocean’s depths collected by researchers, other sound elements from nature and the
human body, classical music and analogue audio players. The music is approximately 15 minutes in length and
light therapy research has shown that this is the baseline amount of time people need to benefit from light exposure.
The rhythmic and hypnotic sound in the room enhances the experience of this perceptual isolated solarium.