Profession (Sexual Assistant) 2014

Profession- Sexual Assistant is a portrait of one of Europe’s leading pioneers in the field of sexuality. The work addresses the controversial and complicated issues involved with the sexual needs of people with a physical, socially and /or mental disability or handicap. Although society tries to cope and accept people’s sexual liberation the fact remains that there is a lack of acknowledgement about those denied even being sexual beings. With or without a direct relationship or correlation to someone who is not “normal” by society’s standards, sexuality is completely ignored or worst yet tied into the abnormality and not accepted as a basic human need.

The visuals of the video are based on a sensual reality and sexuality being a pure and natural part of nature.

The Profession series is a deeper investigation into the careers and roles that people do. Why does somebody choose the job they are in and what are the stories that come along with certain professions. Themes and tipping point moments in life change the path of people and steer them into a certain occupation.

With Subtitles