The Color of Absence 2008-2012

The photography series The Color of Absence explores the emotional residue that is left in a space after life has left it. My recent projects have been conceptually exploring the environment, objects, sights, and sounds that would question the inner workings of society and the afterlife of an event. I am interested in dissecting and cross-examine reenacted, simulated or fabricated life. Some of the images capture the simulated energy that once inhabited the space, as in museums and guided tours that recreate life scenes or preserve a lived-in space from the past. Other images capture the continuation that always lives in a space; light. Theoretically this body of work is about observing and capturing the false or real life force that remains when life is physically absent or distant.
This series was shot with a Hasselblad X-pan, a camera that shoots standard 35mm and 65mm panoramic. Shot on slide film and then cross process it, (this is taking slide film and developing it in the wrong chemistry: Color Negative film chemistry) the result being extreme colors and higher sensitivity to light sources. I choose this method because of its responsiveness to the subtleties of light in a space.