Profession-Animal Communicator 2017

Profession- Animal Communicator is an experimental video, offering a view into the world of telepathy and its use in understanding the animal kingdom. The subject is a communicator with over 20 years of experience, estimating that she has done over 24,000 consultations to date. She uses telepathy, the act of “feeling from a great distance” to converse; this form of non-verbal communication is more animalistic and instinctual in nature.

With people’s endless fascination and joy with animals it’s only natural to search for alternative ways to communicate with them. The visuals for this video work have been sourced from pet and animal videos people post online, illustrating this devotion. The Internet is overflowing with daily feeds of cute creature shenanigans, majestic wildlife footage, the ever-patient pet as family member and examples of the personification of animals. I filmed additional footage from my personal interactions with the animals I encounter on a regular basis in my rural setting.

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