Verloren is a photo series that captures the disappearing tradition and personal touch of inscribing books. These earnest writings leave traces of relationships that happened and have now passed. The found inscription opens up your imagination about the dedicator and the receiver, like finding someone’s secret note. By analyzing handwriting you can also tell a lot about the wordsmith, from the tiny decorative cursive slanting right reveals the shyness of a young woman in love or the written precision of sage words of a poetic inscriber on a solemn book. There is also a tension between the book title and what is inscribed; therefore the title of each image is the book title, Beau Ideal, The Gates of the Forest, Intra Muras etc. The images show the wear and tear of time and act like a silent memorial to a moment in two people’s lives that is now over. These books meant something to people at one time, to gift them, to write a personal message or advice, to perhaps cherish and now have been discarded.
Moses And Monotheism
Moses And Monotheism-Detail
Book Of Practical Cats
Book Of Practical Cats
Progressive Plane Geometry
Progressive Plane Geometry- Detail
Stalking the Blue-eyed Scallop
Stalking the Blue-eyed Scallop-Detail
My Lady Nicotine
My Lady Nicotine- Detail
Bluts Bruder
Bluts Bruder- Detail
Heart Throbs
Heart Throbs- Detail
The Seraglio
The Seraglio- Detail
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty- Detail
Sander's Fourth Reader
Sander's Fourth Reader- detail
Untamed: the Extraordinary Adventures of the Swazi Man
Untamed: the Extraordinary Adventures of the Swazi Man- detail
The Secret of the Ages
The Secret of the Ages- detail
Intra Muros
Intra Muros- detail
Cattle-An Informal Social History
Cattle-An Informal Social History- detail
Love Nest
Love Nest- detail
The Nature of Reality
The Nature of Reality- detail Goose.jpg
Mother Goose Goose Detail.jpg
Mother Goose- Detail
Boston School of Cooking
Boston School of Cooking- Detail
Beau Ideal detail.jpg
Beau Ideal- detail
The Gates of the Forest
The Gates of the Forest- detail
The Shoes of Happiness
The Shoes of Happiness- detail
Darker - Detail from Thackeray.jpg
Chips from Thackeray from Thackeray Detail.jpg
Chips from Thackeray - detail
Chaucher's Prologue and Knights Tale
Chaucher's Prologue and Knights Tale - detail
Who The Hell Cares?
Who The Hell Cares? - Detail
Tragende Schwingen
Tragende Schwingen - Detail
The Beds We Lie In
The Beds We Lie In - Detail
Trout Bum
Trout Bum - Detail